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A virtual event for the whole family.

September 27- October 25

YOU can help a mom and her baby by joining a month-long virtual FUNDRAISING campaign called Move For Life.

STEP 1: Register for your ONLINE giving page. You can create a team or join our Matrix Family Team! 

STEP 2: Check your e-mail for a WELCOME e-mail from our CEO, Melissa McAtee.

STEP 3: Participate in our daily action items that help you MOVE  your body and Move the mission forward!

Friday, Oct. 9th, 2020 

Registration deadline 

is October 2, 2020

Coyote Crossing Golf Club

5801 Augusta Blvd,

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Knights of Columbus 

4th Degree General De Lafayette

Assembly #249

is hosting this event to benefit 

Matrix LifeCare Center.

Thank you to the SPONSORS of the GOLF SCRAMBLE!


What is it
A safe and effective way to confirm positive pregnancy test results.

How it works
Soundwaves project an image of the baby inside of your uterus. If you’re pregnant, you’ll also see a baby and we’ll be able to estimate how far along you are! It’s free, feel free to bring someone (mom, grandma, father of the baby) along.

What to expect
Call Matrix at (765) 742-1533 for more information about scheduling a free ultrasound. When you do come in for your ultrasound appointment, you’ll fill out a couple of forms and meet with one of our medical staff members for a quick check in. From there you’ll be taken to one of our exam rooms for the ultrasound!

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