Clothing Room

What is it
A store where you can get baby and parenting supplies totally free of charge

How it works
In addition to providing education, counseling, and limited health care, we also provide free baby and parenting supplies to the families of greater Lafayette! We’ve got baby clothes, diapers, blankets, cribs, maternity clothes, toys, and other baby supplies totally free of charge.

What to expect
Coming to the clothing room is essentially just like going to a regular store- the only difference is that you have to make an appointment first.  Call
(765) 742-1533, listen to the options, and hit option two to get in touch and we’ll set a date! Your visit will be at least 20 long, but may be longer depending on how many children you bring with you- you can ask when you’re scheduling your appointment about how long it will be. On the day of your appointment, head over to 938 Mezzanine Drive, Suite B in Lafayette and our wonderful volunteers will help you pick out all the supplies you need.

Questions? Contact us here:

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