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Baby and Me Tobacco Free

What it is
A free program designed to help pregnant women quit smoking. We offer this class in partnership with Healthy Communities of Clinton County.

How it works
You’ll need to call us at 765-742-1533 to enroll in the program. After that, you’ll attend at least four prenatal classes that will help you quit. Support is available even after your baby is born, and if you can stay tobacco free after your baby is born you will receive an entire year of free diapers!

What to expect
This class will empower you to quit smoking for the sake of your health and for your baby. You will learn things like coping mechanisms to avoid smoking in the future, how to identify and avoid triggers, and how to cleanse your house of that tobacco smell. You’ll also be connected to resources like the Indiana Quit Line. Baby and Me Tobacco Free offers the information and support you need to make a change for the better.

Call our office at 765-742-1533 for scheduling information!

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