you matter

you matter

pregnancy resource centers serving Greater lafayette & central indiana

Think you might be pregant?

It’s startling to consider how your life may be changing in an instant with a simple yes or no—and that’s natural.

I’m pregnant, now what?

If you’re pregnant, you might be thinking, “What happens next?” Matrix LifeCare offers free ultrasounds at both locations. One more way we strive to serve you every step of the way.

Considering an abortion?

Many women feel the timing of their pregnancy couldn’t be worse. Perhaps their circumstances are not ideal. Work. School. Life. How would motherhood fit in?

Pregnancy Tests

Taking a pregnancy test is the first step in finding out if you’re pregnant and may be one of the most important tests you ever take.

STD Testing

Looking for free and confidential testing? Call us.


Why do I need one?


It’s not always easy news to hear that she’s pregnant. What’s your role? What are your responsibilities? What now?


Help for parents upon hearing unexpected news.